What Hair Extensions Dose Beyonce Wear

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We all admire Beyoncé Knowles or Queen Bey, as many people call her for everything that she does. From her soulful voice to her impressive dance moves, Beyoncé is a woman we all try to emulate in some way. From the ultra-popular girl group Destiny’s Child to the multi-million-dollar solo music artist she is today, Queen Bey has made a name for herself as a beauty chameleon.

Everyone knows that Beyoncé wears hair extensions. I mean, how else can someone go from a short bob to sleek, long locks in such a short time span? The question that everyone wants answered is, what type of hair extensions does Beyoncé actually wear?

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The thing that is most noticeable about Beyoncé’s hair is how thick it is. Because of the thickness, it’s believed that Beyoncé wears weave hair extensions. Weave hair extensions are normally very thick and leave no signs that hair extensions are even being worn. Being able to blend with her course hair is another sign that Beyoncé wears extensions.

There is the possibility that Beyoncé may wear clip in extensions. Since she changes up her hair styles so often, taking out sewn in hair extensions as many times as she changes her style is bound to be very harsh on her actual hair and cause more damage than she would like. Because of this, clip in hair extensions seem more likely than a sew in.

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Clip in hair extensions give Beyoncé more of an opportunity to be more flexible with the hairstyles that she chooses. Beyoncé has been known to go from long sleek locks one day, to a short bob with bangs the next. She seems to love surprising her audience by switching up her hair styles and clip in hair extensions give her the opportunity to do this and keep her actual hair safe.

So, if you are looking to give your hair a little more volume, take a page out of Beyoncé’s book and go for clip in hair extensions. Clip ins can drastically change your style and give you a new look overnight. Whether you are looking for longer tresses or thicker locks, these extensions can make you look and feel like a superstar, even if you don’t have your own legion of fans waiting for you wherever you go.

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