Hair Extesions for Luscious Locks

cheap hair extensions

If you have ever dreamed of longer tresses, there is a way to achieve that without having to wait and wait for your hair to grow. With an array of different options to choose from, there are different techniques when it comes to cheap hair extensions. Your hair stylist may offer one or more of the various bonding techniques.

Some types are bonded into the hair with a special material. Many are made up of real human hair. Others are braided or taped into the hair. Other types are known as “halo” varieties and can easily be taken in and out of the hair. They literally sit like a halo on top of the crown, underneath the top layer of hair and look surprisingly real. Hair stylists will match your hair with a texture and color similar to the hair that is ordered to make your hair look longer. You can even flaunt curly hair with many types of hair extensions. Simply styling them with gel and a diffuser can do the trick, or you can use regular styling tools, such as curling irons to achieve the look you desire.

Ombré hair is very beautiful and can even be incorporated into many types of lengthening treatments. With this hair coloring technique, the hair color goes from darker at the roots and slowly fades into a lighter color toward the ends of the hair. The overall look is very natural and the color fading or melting is seamless. This coloring technique can be done on all depths of hair color from blonde to the deepest raven hair color.

Balayage Highlighted Hair Extensions is a french freehand coloring technique in which the hair stylist using her coloring brush to paint in hair color or lightener. The result is a very natural, sun-kissed look. Often with balayage hair coloring, the lightness is concentrated to frame the face and there are also lighter pieces throughout the rest of the hair. Many models dawn this look, as it is very natural and has a fresh, beach-like feel to it, as though the model has spent the day at the beach sunbathing and her hair was naturally lightened by the sun. This coloring technique looks beautiful on a range of hair colors, especially blonde and lighter brown shades of hair. It’s often a more expensive coloring service because of the skill and detail it requires. Many hair stylists use cotton in between the layers of hair when applying this coloring technique so that the hair color doesn’t get on surrounding hair when it’s processing.