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Fabstrands Extension Before and After

clip in extensions before and afterHey Gals. If you have a thin hair or short hair.
Check our newest clip in extensions.
Just take 5 minute you will add full volumn to your locks.

Hey Gals. If you have a thin hair or short hair.
Check our newest clip in extensions.
Just take 5 minute you will add full volumn to your locks.

Hey les filles. Si vous avez un cheveux fins ou cheveux courts.
Consultez notre nouveau clip en extensions.
Il suffit de prendre cinq minutes vous allez ajouter plein volume à vos cheveux.

What Hair Extensions Dose Beyonce Wear

Beyonce Blonde Highlights Hairbeyonce ombre hair extensions

We all admire Beyoncé Knowles or Queen Bey, as many people call her for everything that she does. From her soulful voice to her impressive dance moves, Beyoncé is a woman we all try to emulate in some way. From the ultra-popular girl group Destiny’s Child to the multi-million-dollar solo music artist she is today, Queen Bey has made a name for herself as a beauty chameleon.

Everyone knows that Beyoncé wears hair extensions. I mean, how else can someone go from a short bob to sleek, long locks in such a short time span? The question that everyone wants answered is, what type of hair extensions does Beyoncé actually wear?

Beyonce Brown Hair Extensions

The thing that is most noticeable about Beyoncé’s hair is how thick it is. Because of the thickness, it’s believed that Beyoncé wears weave hair extensions. Weave hair extensions are normally very thick and leave no signs that hair extensions are even being worn. Being able to blend with her course hair is another sign that Beyoncé wears extensions.

There is the possibility that Beyoncé may wear clip in extensions. Since she changes up her hair styles so often, taking out sewn in hair extensions as many times as she changes her style is bound to be very harsh on her actual hair and cause more damage than she would like. Because of this, clip in hair extensions seem more likely than a sew in.

Beyonce Hairstyle 57th GRAMMY Awards

Clip in hair extensions give Beyoncé more of an opportunity to be more flexible with the hairstyles that she chooses. Beyoncé has been known to go from long sleek locks one day, to a short bob with bangs the next. She seems to love surprising her audience by switching up her hair styles and clip in hair extensions give her the opportunity to do this and keep her actual hair safe.

So, if you are looking to give your hair a little more volume, take a page out of Beyoncé’s book and go for clip in hair extensions. Clip ins can drastically change your style and give you a new look overnight. Whether you are looking for longer tresses or thicker locks, these extensions can make you look and feel like a superstar, even if you don’t have your own legion of fans waiting for you wherever you go.

Beyonce Strawberry Blonde Hair

Important tips for choosing hair extensions

grey hair weft extensionsA hair extension is an immediate, obvious hair choice and unfortunately, that has lead to some women being shamed for getting them. Despite the many celebrities who enjoy them on a regular basis, there are still people who believe that while other hair improvements are fine, somehow putting extensions in it is not.

Fortunately, it is time to evaluate some different types of extensions and choose the one that you, not society or the men around you, want. In addition, it is also a good time to consider the other creative ways to enjoy your hair.

Sun-Kissed Hair

Balayage is a unique approach to hair color, since it is applied to the surface. It will usually not be allowed to permeate the entire hair strand, except for the final ends of the hair. As part of that, foil is not used to color the strands.

This allows the color to be a softer and more natural. A common observation is that hair, having received this type of color, resembles the sun’s rays on children’s hair, as opposed to an all-encompassing look that is more often associated with chemical work.

Ombre Extensions

Ombre hair extensions are a popular example of affordable hair extensions. One reason for their popularity is that they are designed to be used in hair that more than one color.

Ombre hair wefts are particularly useful if you already have ombre hair or if you currently have a shorter hair style with one solid color. It is useful to remember that, as mentioned previously, there should be no shame about the use of extensions.

However, if you prefer a more subtle look or simply want to avoid the questions from people who have not seen you in a while about the unexpected addition to your hair, the use of more than one Ombre extension will be a good choice. It allows an instant change, while still being able to go about two shades lighter on the bottom, to earn some extra attention. Even better, it is subtle enough to blend well for some extra attention.

Consider The Ponytail

This style has long been a favorite, since it is so easy to wear and maintain. However, when you have gone to the trouble of shop hair extension, it also allows you to
wear a more sophisticated example of this style.

Examples include the bumped up style, which will give you a softer look than the standard look you may remember from childhood. To give it a bit of extra fullness, an extension near the crown is often helpful. Another option is choosing one with a bit of a tease and bangs, to soften the final look.

In conclusion, regardless of what you choose to do with your hair, extensions are a great way to personalize your look. They add individuality to your style choices, for a reasonable cost, and it is important to speak with your stylist to find the perfect choice for you.

How To Fix Your Damaged Hair


Do you know what damaged hair looks like, feels like, and even acts like? Often, we get used to the way our hair behaves (or doesn’t) and ignore the signs of true damage. Bald patches, clumps of hair falling out, or thinning edges — these are easy to spot. But what about the other, less-obvious signs that your hair is in serious trouble?

If you comb, brush, shampoo, chemically straighten, or use heat-styling tools or permanent color, the fact is, you are in some way or another harming your hair. Even pulling your hair into a ponytail too often can be destructive. Before you throw your hands up in the air and surrender, know that it is possible to prevent this damage. You just have to know what to look for.

Split Ends

Easily mistaken for frizz, split ends are the damaged tips of the hair shaft that have split into two or three fragments. The ends are the oldest part of your hair and tend to grow increasingly porous over time, which is why many naturally curly girls emphasize oiling their ends. If your hair looks full and voluminous at the roots and much thinner at the ends, your ends are probably damaged. Getting a trim and focusing on moisturizing hair care are crucial to staving off further issues.

Lack Of Elasticity

Hair is elastic, especially when wet, but one of the biggest problems with elasticity loss is that it can sometimes be hard to diagnose. Healthy hair has a high level of elasticity, and this is what gives hair its body, bounce, and texture formation. Elasticity is what makes hair styling possible and is a telltale sign of hair health.

To test if your hair has lost its elasticity, stretch a strand while it’s wet. If a strand breaks with little to no stretching, it may need more moisture. If it stretches a bit and then returns to its natural state, you have normal elasticity. If it stretches more than usual and then breaks, or feels limp and mushy between your fingers, then it needs protein. It’s important to have a balance of moisture and protein in our hair, and the best way to do this is with protein treatments. (Ideally, have yours administered by a professional, as too much protein can also cause damage.)

High Porosity

Porosity is how easily hair (like a sponge) can absorb moisture and chemicals, and damaged hair is more porous than healthy hair. Chemical treatments like coloring, chemical straighteners, and heat applications can cause hair to become overly porous. If you dye your hair, then you may have noticed the dye absorbing or processing more quickly on hair that is damaged than on the healthy parts of your hair. The flip side of that problem is that the color may fade more quickly in the highly porous sections every time you cleanse.

The best way to prevent this damage is to decrease the chemicals and heat-styling products in your life. Since damaged hair is more vulnerable when wet, try styling or manipulating it when it’s dry and consider damp detangling to cause less damage. Incorporate protein treatments to add strength to the hair and temporarily close holes in the hair’s cuticle. Deep-condition and consider using apple cider vinegar and aloe vera to restore the hair’s pH balance. Then, seal with an oil to help retain as much moisture as possible.

Dry, Brittle, Lack Of Moisture

Healthy hair is soft and supple and should never be dry and brittle. Not sure why your hair is dry no matter what you do? Consider these questions:

1. Are you deep-conditioning after cleansing? You should.

2. Are you protecting your curls at night by using a satin scarf or satin bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillowcase? You should.

3. Are you drying your hair with a blowdryer on high heat? You shouldn’t.

4. Do you incorporate oils into your regimen with pre-poos, hot oil treatments, or sealers? Maybe this is the time.

Pick up a couple strands of your hair and run your fingers through it from root to tip. If it feels rough, that is a sign of dryness and possible damage. Do this test the day after washing your hair, as dryness can also be an indication of product buildup. Sometimes, dryness can be caused by the weather, hormone changes, or even medications, but often it’s simply too much heat, chemical treatments, or not properly moisturizing and conditioning your hair.

Unruly Tangles

Textured hair is more prone to tangling than straight hair is. If you are doing all the right things in your detangling session and are still wrestling with unruly tangles, then your hair may be damaged. This is a sign that you’re likely dealing with a few of the issues above; dry hair with roughened cuticles and frayed split ends is likely to snag and form knots. And, if your hair lacks elasticity, it will likely snap as you attempt to remove those knots. This calls for more frequent deep-conditioning and is potentially a sign that it’s time for a trim. Even if you want long hair, you can’t reach mermaid status by holding onto damaged strands that need to go.

You know your own hair. If it was soft and full before and now it’s dull, thinning, tangled, and will not hold a style, then you know something isn’t right. If it feels different, looks different, or your old products just aren’t doing the trick, investigate to see if you have any damaging habits — and then stop doing them! Your hair will thank you.

Hair Extesions for Luscious Locks

cheap hair extensions

If you have ever dreamed of longer tresses, there is a way to achieve that without having to wait and wait for your hair to grow. With an array of different options to choose from, there are different techniques when it comes to cheap hair extensions. Your hair stylist may offer one or more of the various bonding techniques.

Some types are bonded into the hair with a special material. Many are made up of real human hair. Others are braided or taped into the hair. Other types are known as “halo” varieties and can easily be taken in and out of the hair. They literally sit like a halo on top of the crown, underneath the top layer of hair and look surprisingly real. Hair stylists will match your hair with a texture and color similar to the hair that is ordered to make your hair look longer. You can even flaunt curly hair with many types of hair extensions. Simply styling them with gel and a diffuser can do the trick, or you can use regular styling tools, such as curling irons to achieve the look you desire.

Ombré hair is very beautiful and can even be incorporated into many types of lengthening treatments. With this hair coloring technique, the hair color goes from darker at the roots and slowly fades into a lighter color toward the ends of the hair. The overall look is very natural and the color fading or melting is seamless. This coloring technique can be done on all depths of hair color from blonde to the deepest raven hair color.

Balayage Highlighted Hair Extensions is a french freehand coloring technique in which the hair stylist using her coloring brush to paint in hair color or lightener. The result is a very natural, sun-kissed look. Often with balayage hair coloring, the lightness is concentrated to frame the face and there are also lighter pieces throughout the rest of the hair. Many models dawn this look, as it is very natural and has a fresh, beach-like feel to it, as though the model has spent the day at the beach sunbathing and her hair was naturally lightened by the sun. This coloring technique looks beautiful on a range of hair colors, especially blonde and lighter brown shades of hair. It’s often a more expensive coloring service because of the skill and detail it requires. Many hair stylists use cotton in between the layers of hair when applying this coloring technique so that the hair color doesn’t get on surrounding hair when it’s processing.

How to Sleep with your curls?

Have you had the experience that you go to bed with beautiful curly hair extensions and arisen with a true natural disaster on  head.  A cotton pillowcase sticks to your hair, so every time you toss or turn in your sleep, you’re tangling your hair, risking breakage and frizz.

satin pillowcase

The key to avoiding this fiasco is using a silk or satin pillowcase while you sleep to keep your curls intact.  The slippery fabric won’t disturb your hair, and you’ll wake up looking just as amazing as you did yesterday. Harbinger pleads curly-haired women to “be gentle and treat your hair as if it is a fine silk or cashmere, not polyester.”
Don’t Crush Your Curls While You Sleep.